Well after reading the tweet from Chris Amico I felt that I should write a post on my 2008 memories. Well 2008 is quite a big year to me.

First I found django. Well putting a framework name as first point is kind of funny but its the fact. But it was around Dec 2007 and early 2008 I found django. I was fascinated what this framework was and how better its going to be when compared to rails. Well I was learning rails at that time. And I decided to make a blog. It was at that point of time when I saw that django gives an admin panel automatically. I thought I should use it and I ended up completely with django till this moment.

Second and foremost achievement is I graduated from San Jose state. Well its certainly a good news but its sad to say that its the end of my student life. I enjoyed every moment of my education. Fun and a long journey. It’s time to step aside and look for opportunities to implement what I learned through this long journey.

Third I got a new title. Jobless It’s kind of funny to say but its truth. I got to find some place. Well I have n’t really started applying seriously. But I have to in this brand new year. It’s hard especially in a market like this but I have to.

Fourth I have learned a very important thing in my life. Health is wealth. Ya kind of old quote but appeals a lot to me. I was down with bad health from about 17th Dec. And just recovered from the blow. I kind of lost 2 weeks in 52 weeks of 2008. I got to take care of my health. It is bound that I fall sick during the start of winter. This time I will take better care of myself.

I am back now.

Fifth I ’ve been to my home country for about a month in summer. It was a pleasant experience. Met my parents and lots of friends. Fun time.

Sixth djangocon Yup I attended the first ever djangocon at Google, Inc. I was very happy seeing all the django community up there. Met a lot of people. I had a wrong notion in mind that developer’s are kind of serious faces who tend to think all the time. But I am completely wrong. They are the coolest people who tend to share a lot of things with others. They are very practical. Especially the django community rocks.

Seventh Design sense Yup my design sense has got a lot better. Previously I used to suck at putting together a webpage. I tend to start with photoshop mess up things while slicing. Over all I end up making crap. But now I have a better workflow. I am using Illustrator for most of my work, which is an awesome tool. With some inspiration from designers like Nathan Borror, Jeffcroft, Wilsonminer etc I have learned a lot. And I am loving to design.

Eighth Gadgets This year has been a gadget year to me. I put a lot of money on gadgets. I got to spend a little wiser from now on :P. Bought a mac book pro, iPhone 2G, changed to iPhone 3G later, playstation 3, and a bunch of other as well.

Ninth Established my blog Well it isn’t really a big deal. But I spent a lot of time making this piece of app. This is how I got along with django. I now have a good amount of traffic which makes me happy. I wish I write more useful content for all my readers.

And many more good moments… I just pointed out which I remember the most.

On the whole 2008 was an year filled with fun and experiences. And now stepping ahead into 2009 with lots of aspirations and resolutions. I wish a very happy new year to everybody.