When I saw that 53 was launching a stylus, I thought it will be just a basic functioning stylus. But when I saw the intro video it was really good. Not that it blew my mind but the design was simple and intuitive. I pre-ordered one immediately. I received mine recently and so did Justin Edmund.

First reactions were very disappointing. The eraser did not work. I had to go through trouble shooting and push the tip backwards to make sure the eraser works. I think the piece is slightly defective. But the tip works consistently. The precision is pretty good once I swapped the tip with the spare one.

Overall I think pencil is a pretty good start by 53. But there is a long way to go in terms of accuracy.

53 Pencil parts


  • Pencil is not pressure sensitive. Almost every drawing I wish the stroke was pressure sensitive.
  • Paper lacks layers. Every time I use color tool I go over the sketch strokes. I end up re-touching with sketch which is not ideal
  • Export 53 painting. One should be able to export a 53 painting and share it between devices and friends. Imagine there is a iphone screen blueprint where I can download and draw some app interfaces.
  • Import images and enable opacity. Sometimes we want to draw some real world artifacts. I should be able to import the image and trace the outline of the artifact.

I hope 53 has a vision to overcome these drawbacks.