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PyMysql is a pure python mysql client, which is trying to be a drop in replacement for python-mysqldb. There is a install_as_MySQLdb function which when called makes PyMysql to be a drop in replacement for MySQLdb. I am excited about this project because its so easy to install and get started. …

Tracking With Statsd2011

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Statsd is a nodejs daemon for easy stats aggregation from folks at etsy. If you have n’t come across statsd I suggest you read blog post from etsy devops team here.

I like the fact that they chose UDP to aggregate stats since its blazing fast. Graphite is chosen as a backend to store the …

Integrating SqlAlchemy With Tornado2010

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Tornado has been an excellent webserver with a minimal framework feature set. I love the way how signed cookies have been implemented. So clean and easy to use.

When I started to use tornado for a project there are a few hurdles you might come across.

  • Lack of ORM
  • No form library
  • no cache support …

Memories 20082009

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Well after reading the tweet from Chris Amico I felt that I should write a post on my 2008 memories. Well 2008 is quite a big year to me.

First I found django. Well putting a framework name as first point is kind of funny but its the fact. But it was around Dec 2007 and early 2008 I found django. I …